Maryland Administrator Toolkit

The Maryland Administrator Toolkit was designed to provide resources for admistrators to help them to integrate technology into teaching and learning into their schools.

For the next hour you will be exploring the resources posted in the Toolkit (Activity 1). During Activity 2, you will work with a partner to create a document to share your ideas. At then end of the exploration we will share ideas. If at any time you need assistance, please let the presenter know and he/she will assist you. (please also be sure to take a break during this activity if needed)

Link to Toolkit -

Activity 1 - (30 minutes)
  • Go to the toolkit
  • Click on the TAB - Tech Toolkit for Admins
  • The tab drops down to each standard.
  • As you explore each standard on the tab explore the resources linked to the standard.


  • Think about how these resources might assist you as you implement technology into the teaching and learning practices of your teachers and students.

Activity 2 - (30 minutes)
  • Work with a partner to create a chart, Inspiration concept map, list etc. to describe how you might use these resources (see sample below)
  • Post your document on the Staff shared drive in the foldered titled - Summer Symposium and then in the Administrators folder. (Students in the EDUC 590 course should post their assignment on our class blog - EDUC590 at